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This is my process guide, but will vary depending on the type of work you want, but generally fits into these steps, each project can be discussed to be unique to the needs of the projects to make sure we have a smooth process that meets our expectations.

Reference + Research

Initial ideas


Final Revisions

Contract Outline

Payment, expected deliverables


Terms and Conditions of Work





Breakdown of work and costing details

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Final  Payment

%50 of the payment will be paid before work. 

The remaining amount will be paid after final revisions and before final delivery.


Case Study 1


Reference + Research Influence

The brief was to create an image inspired by old travel posters that included an A320 Passenger Jet and Renault Clio Sport set in a location to yet be decided.


Initial sketches

The client wanted rough thumbnails  including some broad themes but more importantly showcasing: Strong Shapes, Colour, Contrast and 



The client then chose four designs to take forward which were then taken to a higher level of detail with a few different ideas for the layout.


Final Image

Once the layout had been chosen I put in the details, with some minor changes and additions provided by the client.


Case Study 2

(Game Asset)

Initial sketches

Reference + Research Influence

I made initial sketches based on humanoid robots with a focus on good shapes, form function and dynamic poses.


Taking the rough thumbnail sketches and refining their shapes and silhouette, picking four ready to be developed further.

Illustration from dev

The developed ideas went on to be in game assets but also refined illustrations for promotional materials

Take detailed design and combine/ overlay with finalised sprite testing rig.

In game Asset dev

Development of character into an idle pose, character portrait and a (in this case) 128x128px character. Finally the character pose has different value variations ready for colour indexing (each value can be swapped out for different colours using, for example, colour indexing) 

Animation outline

A basic outline with the correct proportions to test out animations in game that can be changed quickly without worrying about details. Once happy with the animations then details can be over-layed on top.


Reference + Research Influence

Case Study 3

(Concept Art)

Initial sketches

Exploring different shapes and proportions quickly to find anything that stood out to me and had room to develop.


Mustard World is a short story that I used as inspiration for this personal project. Read it here.

I wanted the design to be evocative of fishbowl suits and deep diving suits, a lumbering character with scientific interest.

Refining details and thinking about functionality , bringing out the form of the sketches to get a better idea of how the shapes read in three dimensions. and finally, picking four to refine the smaller shapes and values.

Final Designs

Refining details and thinking about functionality

The props were built for functionality and loose descriptions in the story.

An older character with some experience was the only brief for his look.

His costume was designed to give an impression of a scientific hazmat suit crossed with spacesuit underalls used by astronauts.

Final suit with accessories and example of how it opens up and its scale

If you would like to see more high resolution images of this project, visit my artstation, here.


Reference + Research Influence

Case Study 4


The Character design challenge on Facebook is a monthly challenge to design a character based on a brief. This months theme was "Axolotl Adventurer" 

Initial sketches

I start with some sketches to quickly explore how to make the theme into a character and how to anthropomorphise in a way that makes sense to the viewer.



Thumbnails are small images to give a little more form to a sketch and also flesh out how that sketch might translate into a composition. This is a great way to quickly go through ideas without committing to details. I also used it to add a scene to the middle one to give a bit more narrative to the character. 


Once I chose a thumbnail to take forward I started to think about colours and details - as the setting was far future his suit was designed to look futuristic but not too familiar - perhaps his technology was procured from existing human technology but is still unique to his species, a reverse suit thats filled with fluid rather than gas.

When I was happy with the composition and detailed elements I went in to render out the focal points. I though the focal point of his helmet could be an opportunity to use some interesting effects.

Final Image

If you would like to see the image in higher resolution click here

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